The activity of sea kayaking is one of the best ways to tour and meet the Alicante coast. The kayak is a light boat easy to handle and does not need any qualifications or knowledge on the part of the participants.

On the other hand are very comfortable boats with one or two places, allowing us to navigate quickly with little effort to go aided by a slight shovel two ojas. This makes it ideal for enjoying the sea contact form.

Jávea is located in the province of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, at the foot of the Montgó and framed by the Capes of San Antonio and Nao. It is one of the most beautiful places in the entire Mediterranean coast.

The geography of the mountainous terrain -full of coves and shoreline- make it a privileged place to practice all kinds of sports multisport as: trekking, quad biking, mountain biking and etc. It is also one of the ideal places to practice sea sports including sailing, jet skis, windsurfing, south etc.

One of the best things we can do on the beaches and coves Jávea, are routes in sea kayaking. On the coast bordering the shores of the town, we can find uniquely beautiful places only accessible by sea. Among the beaches we can find almost anything, such as sandy beaches, gravel or rock. You can find more information on beaches and coves Jávea.

We recommend walking the beaches of Jávea making a route by sea kayak, that you can explore places like; Beach First Muntanyar or Benissero, the gravel beach, Playa del Arenal, Playa Segon Muntanyar, Cala Sardinera, Cala La Barraca or Portixol, Cala Ambolo and especially we highlight Cala Granadella, for its privileged routes for both kayak to snorkel activity enclave.

If you start from the Cala Moraig (Cumbres del Sol) in Benitachell you will admire La cova dels Arcs. One of the best-known caves by divers because it has the output of one of the largest underground rivers of the Mediterranean coast. We also have other attractions as “fishing” a former Spanish tourist boom to the cultural relic.

What attractions can be visited on a route from the Cala Granadella kayak?

kayak en cala granadella Javea

Granadella is one of the most beautiful bays of Javea and the Costa Blanca. Many divers started diving from that point, since we have to move virtually nothing to start watching a very attractive marine life. Similarly entire landscape surrounding the place makes it the ideal destination for touring kayak, enjoying every corner, cove and beach.  Among the highlights we can mention:

Cova del Lleó Marí of Jávea. It is a cave carved into the side of a cliff, which is only accessible by kayak. We can get into it with the kayak and a swim and snorkel in the crystal waters clamadas cave. Also in this cave climbing bouldering it is done in a spectacular setting. This cave is a 20 minute paddle from the creek.

Cala de Ambolo is a cove closed by landslides so it is virtually untouched and only accessible from the sea. We can get our kayaks and stop for snorkeling and sunbathing.

The Cova Tallada. Depending on the length of our route we can reach the Cova Tallada one of the best known, visited and admired in the east coast. Its large size makes it a first class tourist attraction.

The Cova dels Arcs, near the Cala Moraig in Benitachell, another point of great attraction. This cave is accessible from the shore but only from the kayak can admire inside. This cave is unique in being the output of one of the underground freshwater streams that flow into the Mediterranean coast. Therefore it forms an underground river that is a reference point for divers as it is a place of great interest for cave diving.

Another of the great attractions of this area and kayak cross it are fishing. Fishing for fishing are set among the cliffs, creating these posts the fishermen and boat did not have risked their lives to descend to them in the middle of the cliffs without any security. The posts have more than a century and are an example of the need that existed in these areas prior to the tourist boom times. Therefore visit Jávea fisheries and other areas of the Alicante coast in kayak, is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of this activity.

All this makes this area a paradise for kayak tour, stopping in inaccessible coves for snorkeling.