feria de artesanía de autor de Javea

The  Spanish galore of Medieval markets is really something interesting, investing traditions, culture and individual ability as an artisan to offer the best products produced in the region and transform it in something beautiful!

The passion for the medieval markets is very well rooted especially in Costa Blanca as the tradition and the connection with the Middle Ages was perpetuated during the century thanks also to  the market itself.

For example a lovely initiative of Javea aims to rediscover their roots and at the same time  get an educational boost on the public gathering to buy artisan products.

The Jávea’s Feria de Artesanía de autor has its great moments in winter time and in summer, usually repeating the experience every  Saturday for a period of time (usually three months).

The stalls  will be installed in the Plaza Marina Alta and the participation is very high.

This fair is a joint initiative of the Department of Economic Development, the Historical Xàbia Trade Association and the Amata Association.

La “feria” aims to publicize the charms of the old town while offering a meeting point between true craftsmen and the general public.

Already more than 40 craftsmen has been every time involved in this project which will take turns riding their positions so that the product range with the public is guaranteed.

This will be installed each week between ten and fifteen different positions related to ceramics, wrought iron, leather, Patería, handmade wooden toys or clothing products. At the same time there will also be put on agricultural products as Terraxabia to complete the offer.

It is also plenty to do perusing the stalls: t he fair offers participatory workshops for children and adults to be taught how to create handicrafts for a nominal amount for materials.

This will thus encourage the public to attend and learn at the same time. So every Saturday there is an appointment between 10 and 15 stalls and the artisans themselves offer the mentioned workshops in which children or adults can make their own piece of craftsmanship and bring it home!

To complete the show every Saturday there will be music, puppets and juggling with different musicians and artists who enliven the market.

In winter  there will be demonstrations of how to make nougat and Tricotorras inviting people to knit with the artists. The fair will mount every Saturday morning, 10 to 14 hours, in the Plaza de Correos.

These fairs are definitely a point to support and enhance tourism town of Javea and all it has to offer and showing typical handicrafts in the area. Amata thus  the historic center of the town after the success of recent summers on the seafront Customs del Mar.

About 40 craftsmen have shown interest in participating in this show and set up their stalls in turns, as explained by the organization, to ensure that between one week and one has variety of products and materials.