Cala Blanca is a beautiful corner of sea on the coast of Jávea. This corner of Xábia is very picturesque and suitable for snorkeling.

Summer is reluctant to leave from this shore, and the usual warm temperatures in recent weeks have led to the beach water is very pleasant to enjoy the sea without  the prosthetic neoprene.

So we propose a new route for our coast, Cala Blanca. The transparent backgrounds dazzle us with its whiteness.

Cala Blanca is a beautiful rocky beach located in the area of ​​Montañar in the town of Javea. Its transparent and usually calm waters make it a popular place not only for bathers seeking tranquillity but also for users who come by boat and anchored to spend in this picturesque setting a fishing day.

The sea is usually very quiet in this area. By throwing you into the water, immediately your attention will be drawn by the luminous white sand bottom, which gives its name to the cove.

By following the line of the coast you can also find areas where abundant sea grasses flourish and others where a hard substrate of rock covers large areas of the fund.

In any case the depth here does not exceed 5 or 6 meters, making it an ideal place for a ride to snorkel, even allowing reductions in apnea (ie, holding the breath for a few seconds as you descend and move along the way) to see in more detail the small but numerous wildlife that dots this landscape submerged life: salps, bream, small castanets, pelayas.

It is always best dive accompanied by a friend or in team.

As always, it is advisable to make these routes and raids snorkeling accompanied not only because you  get more security but also to allow the team to share and remember the unique experience that is every stroll along Costa Blanca amazing coastline.

Cala Blanca is an ideal place for a dip stick. Access to this cove is a bit complicated, but it is one of the factors that makes it worthwhile.

You’ll have to leave your car on the road above, or below the Urbanicacion there (this better) and walk straight until you see the path and stairs down to the cove. The viewpoint before arriving there, not wasted.

Although rather see people get better still a little more to the inside, where things are calm down! Normal people stay upon arrival, and not explore what is then …

This clear water creek filled with white rocks is gorgeous. There are many boats out there in front, which also gives you a touch of grace to the matter.

Note to consider: Take ankle strapped sandals to get into the water or the stones will embitter the bathroom! 😉