Despite not exceeding 1,000 meters, the Montgó belongs to the category of the magic mountains. And it’s not by height. Perhaps it is because of its beautiful silhouette against the sea, which can be  admired by all.

Located between the towns of Denia and Javea, it has an area of ​​2,117 ha.

montgo natural park

Montgó Natural Park was declared as such on March 16, 1987 due to its landscape, flora and fauna treasures. With an altitude of 753 m. altitude, the park is home to over 650 species of flora and vegetation.

As for the fauna in the Natural Park, it is closely linked to these landscape units and plant communities that develop in them.

Montgó rises above the plains of Javea, Denia and Ondara and reaches a maximum height of 753 m. above sea level. Its east-west orientation and large limestone walls that define its appearance, with his height, proximity to the sea and climate make the Montgo one of the most unique places on the east coast environment.

The peculiar geography of this area, with large walls and gullies, as well as its strong contrast between the two sides, form a series of habitats where you can find a varied natural wealth.

The bio-geographical position and natural border between different domains, their history and current weather conditions have allowed the Montgó to host many endangered species, and their plant diversity is one of the most important of the Western Mediterranean: over 800 species have their home in this magnificent park.

Therefore, the Valencian government declared this area protected in May 1987.

The “Parque del Montgó” (Montgó Natural Park) includes the Cabo San Antonio and the plain of Las Planas, who serves as a link between the coast and massif itself.

In terms of animal species, it is remarkable the presence of Bonelli’s eagle and a pair of owls in the crags of the Natural Park, where also there are species of birds like the kestrel and peregrine falcon.

In marine cliffs it is possible to see Audouin’s Gull, the Caspian and the Sardinian, the shag and other species.

The Tourist Office of Dénia is a point of information also for the Natural Park of Montgo. This means a quality and accurate information regarding the characteristics of the Natural Park, itineraries and activities taking place in it.

The PIC centre Montgó Natural Park is located in the Cami Bosc de Diana, Denia. Tel. 96 642 32 05.