Who is entitled to public health care in the health system of the Costa Blanca? All persons duly accredited by the individual health card or other official document certifying that recognizes their right to healthcare, as well as other groups that do not have the right to health card issued by the authorities who do have the right to health care. These are:

Right to assistance with health card

Costa Blanca provide a valid reason to access all public health services in Spain (SNS) to citizens residing in the area, that is, registered in any of its municipalities, which have the status of health card insured or beneficiaries, as established in the newly amended Law 16/2003 of 28 May, of cohesion and quality of the National Health System. These are the following three groups:

They have the status of insured persons who are in any of the following cases:

a) Be employed person or self-employed, affiliated to the Social Security (Seguridad Social) and high status or assimilated to affiliation.

b) To hold the status of pensioner of the Social Security system.

c) To be a recipient of any other periodic benefit from social security, including the provision and unemployment benefits.

d) Having exhausted the benefits or unemployment benefits and included in the appropriate office registered as unemployed, not crediting the insured status under any other title

In cases where none of the assumptions set forth above is met, people of Spanish nationality of a Member State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland who reside in Spain (registered in the Register of Citizens European) Union and foreign holders of an authorization to reside in Spanish territory (residence permit) will hold the position of insured always proving that do not exceed the income limit determined by regulation.

It shall be considered beneficiaries of an insured person, provided they reside in Spain, the spouse or person with similar relationship, which must exhibit the appropriate official registration, the ex-spouse by the insured as well as the descendants and persons in charge of it who are under 26 or have a disability equal to or greater than 65% grade.


Right to health care without health card

Coverage by citizens of another country, under international standards:

  • Carriers of the EHIC or other legal documents issued by a Member State of the European Union or other countries that have signed bilateral agreements on Social Security with Spain
  • Foreigners not registered or approved as residents in Spain they receive all kinds of collecting healthcare in the portfolio of services of the National Health System, in as long as the appropriate instructions are not carried out and prepare the supporting document entitling them to healthcare.
  • Foreigners under eighteen receive health care under the same conditions as Spanish nationals.
  • People with health insurance card issued by another autonomous community during a temporary stay in Costa Blanca.

How to get a health card and update your data?

  • Apply for a duplicate health card in case of loss, theft or damage it.
  • Modify your registration address.
  • Modifying your personal situation whenever you change (active owner, beneficiary active owner, Social Security pensioner or beneficiary of pensioner).

How to arrange for a health card?

Online application

  • You can apply electronically health card. Access here for further information.
  • This mode is available for all members of the Social Security as workers, pensioners and beneficiaries. You need an electronic ID or digital certificate

You can apply for the health card at the health center that is assigned in public opening hours. Refer to the health center as rightful home. Click on this map to find the closest one to you. You can then register with a doctor and apply for a health card (tarjeta sanitaria individual or TSI).

In the online application you can authorize the consultation thus relieve data needed to submit the relevant documentation.

Once validated your application, you receive your health insurance card by mail, at the address provided. When you receive your health insurance card check that all the details are correct. If any data were not, please report on your health centre as soon as possible.