If you are a foreigner and you’re in the Spanish territory, you may find yourself in one of these situations: estancia or residencia? Or better temporary stay or residence? Here is a small guide for how to proceed in both cases.

Staying in Spain

It’s a situation in which, as a foreigner, you can stay in Spain for a period not exceeding 90 days.

The permit is necessary when you want to come to Spain for other reasons other than work or residence (studies, student mobility, work practices or medical reasons for volunteering, business, family reasons, tourism).

To enjoy the status of residence, you must apply for a tourist visa at the Spanish diplomatic or consular authorities in his own country.

More information is available on www.maec.es

Once valid residence permit, you can apply to extend it if it can be shown that there are still exceptional reasons to continue to stay in Spanish territory.

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Visas and extension of stay

The transit visa may be territorial or release at the airport.

Territorial Transit: issued to travellers crossing the Schengen area by a third country to another third country. It can be given once, twice, or exceptionally several times, provided that the transit period is greater than five days.

Airport transit: allows you to stay in the international transit of a Spanish airport, without entering national territory, during a stopover or connections between flights.

Residence visa: It can be on a short stay or a stay multiple.

Short stay: allows stays of up to three months with one, two or multiple entries.
Living Multiple: allows multiple stays the amount of which may not exceed ninety days for each semester within a year or exceptionally several years.


• Application form duly completed and signed visa.
• 1 passport photo.
• Passport with validity equal to the length of stay required (original and copy).
• Identity card or visa and documents accrediting you as a foreigner habitually resident in the country of application (original and copy).
• Proof of payment of a medical insurance covering the duration of the stay and in all countries of the Schengen agreement, medical expenses and the repatriation associated to an accident or sudden illness. The insurance must have a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. The proof of payment must be accompanied by conditions of insurance.

• Confirmation of booking the ticket round trip.
• Proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservations or invitation letter made before the Spanish police; invitation if the foreign national must be added a certified copy of a valid residence card. In the case of minors travelling with third parties or of one of its parents, authorization to leave the country.

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Justification of the reason for the trip.

Tourism or a private trip: itinerary, hotel reservations, etc.
Professional or business trips: Invitation of a company or an authority to attend meetings of trade, industry or activity related to the character of the applicant; access cards for fairs and congresses, etc.

Extension of stay

The foreigner is in Spain in a regular situation that does not match the residence can apply for an extension of stay to a maximum of 180 days.
The application must be submitted to the competent authorities (in this case the Provincial Brigade Aliens and documentation) proving the reason for the extension and that you have sufficient resources to deal with the period of stay required.
In case of refusal abroad should proceed to leave the country within the period stated in the rejection decision.

Other reasons are the studies, student mobility, labour practices or voluntary medical examination.


The temporary stay is the situation in which it is not permitted to stay permanently, for more than three months and less than five years. The initial temporary residence permit is valid for one year.
There are several types of temporary residence permit, and some to work. Among the main temporary residence permits we have: temporary residence and work, residence in exceptional circumstances, for family reunification and temporary residence non for profit (without exerting jobs).
In contrast, the long-term residence is the situation in which you can stay in Spain for an indefinite period, and have the same working conditions as Spanish nationals.
To access the long-term residence must demonstrate that they have resided legally and continuously in Spanish territory for five years.

More information about services and consular offices in Spain: http://www.consbarcellona.esteri.it

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