Online dating is the new black!

Meeting somebody who fits your desire and needs can be especially daunting if you aree an expat, especially if you are in the process of learning the language and understand the different culture and which are the ‘rules’ of dating here.

If it is true that a potential lover could be waiting for you at work, online dating is a godd idea to meet people coming from all walk of life – even exapt as you are. If you are the new kid in the block, online dating works very effectively.

Through this media you can easily get in touch and chat with people who you can select by taste and interests, to easy the “real” meeting from where a relationship or good friendship can come out!


As online dating it is also fit for people who wants to enlarge their social circle, especially when you come in a completely diverse enviroment.

There are many websites that are right for you: love sites designed specifically for expats where you can share the common experience you are living in Spain and in Costa Blanca.

You might also choose a more general online dating site that pinpoints specific hobbies which plays sometimes a big interest in your life: literature, cinema, sports, food.

It is very easy at first just activate a profile for free and upload your (best or real) image. Before paying anything check the community online and if you find interesting or targeted hundreds of online profiles to browse, then have a go!


As technology continues escalating and being so embedded in our life, the online dating industry adapts very quickly producing niche sites to meet all the needs of its customers.

Virtual dating is becoming a reality, too: it is a mix betwwen online dating and online gaming. You will be able to communicate and exchange in a virtual context close to a “real” dating environment.

But without making any consioderation, we can say that the level of safety will be increased and before stepping out to meet the person, you will be able to talk via chat, video, mail and maybe starting the romance you want. Or a great friendship. Or both.


Some popular online dating sites in Spain include: The Official Online Dating and Dating Agency Service for English speaking Singles, Personals and Ex-Pats in Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Malta, South of France, Italy, Cyprus, Madeira, Greece, Greek Islands, Turkey, the Mediterranean and now the UK.